Audiobooks Narrated by Scott R. Smith

Professionally recorded by Chris Zurzolo at Medicine Man Studios

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  • Temptation's Prisoners

    David P. Warren
  • Holiday Emergencies

    Sara York
  • Medics, Mayhem, & Mojito's

    Sara York
  • The Alien Reindeer's Wild Ride

    Kate Rudolph
  • Cops, Cakes, & Coffee

    Sara York
  • Firemen, Flames, & Fettuccine

    Sara York
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Objective People

    David Kelley
  • The Haunting of Matthew Keys

    Michael S. Vassel
  • Mistress Mage: Book Two of the Mage-Born Chronicles

    Kayleigh Nicol
  • Hunting Faith

    Tracy Lauren
  • No Quick Fix

    Mary Calmes
  • The Narrows

    Travis M. Riddle
  • Personal Violation

    David P. Warren
  • A Lesson in Sex and Murder

    David Unger, PhD
  • How to Dismiss Anxiety

    Curtis Johnston
  • Ayn Rand and Business Ethics

    Stephen Hicks, Ph.D.
  • The Stomach Eraser

    Coach Arlo Henderson
  • Zero F*CKS Given

    J. Frederick
  • Sorcerous Rivalry: Book One of the Mage-Born Chronicles

    Kayleigh Nicol
  • Navigating from Hello to I Do

    Eugene Adebayo Ajayi
  • Ayn Rand and Altruism

    George H. Smith
  • Hunter - A Dark Romance

    Anastasia Slash
  • A Lesson in Therapy and Murder

    David Unger, PhD
  • His Consort

    Mary Calmes
  • A Lesson in Music and Murder

    David Unger, PhD
  • Tilt Presence

    Pam Boney
  • Retribution

    Michael Byars Lewis
  • Explaining Postmodernism

    Stephen R.C. Hicks
  • Toxic Life

    Luke Gregory
  • Parent Yourself Again

    Yong Kang Chan
  • The Disbelief Habit

    Yong Kang Chan
  • The Whistleblower Onslaught

    David P. Warren
  • True Tilt: An Uncommon Quest

    Pam Boney
  • Toxic Relationships

    Luke Gregory
  • Sealing Fate

    David P. Warren
  • Imploded Lives

    David P. Warren
  • Your Soul's Gift

    Robert Schwartz
  • Evidence of the Senses: A Realist Theory of Perception

    David Kelley
  • From Death to Rebirth: Teachings of the Finnish Sage Pekka Ervast

    Pekka Ervast
  • The Unfortunate Expiration of Mr. David S. Sparks

    William F. Aicher
  • Road's End (The Narrow Gate Book 4)

    Janean Worth
  • ALS: A Respiratory Perspective

    Kipling A. Jackson
  • Swing Vote: Safe Harbors #3

    Donna K. Weaver
  • America is an Idea

    Michael Cyrus Pousti
  • Followed Home

    Andre Gonzalez
  • The Kid: A Reed and Billie Novel

    Dustin Stevens
  • Coach's Challenge: A Scoring Chances Novel

    Avon Gale
  • Seven Mountains to Aratta

    B.J. Corbin
  • Order of Eurynome (Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens Book 7)

    Audrey Brice
  • Ba'al Collective (Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens Book 6)

    Audrey Brice
  • A Life of Ones Own

    David Kelley
  • The Watch (Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens Book 5)

    Audrey Brice
  • The Good Son: A Reed Mattox Novel

    Dustin Stevens
  • The Contested Legacy of Ayn Rand: Truth and Toleration in Objectivism

    David Kelley
  • One Last Day

    Dustin Stevens
  • The Last Machine in the Solar System

    Matthew Isaac Sobin
  • Fess Parker: TV's Frontier Hero

    William R. Chemerka
  • Shadow Marbas (Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens Book 4)

    Audrey Brice
  • Actionable Gamification

    Yu-kai Chou
  • Coffee with Rhadi

    Rhadi Ferguson, PhD.
  • Breaking Free from The Lean Startup Religion: The Service Designer Manifesto

    Tenny Pinheiro
  • Unrugged Individualism: The Selfish Basis of Benevolence

    David Kelley
  • Talking in Code

    Ariel Tachna
  • How to Analyze People

    Alfred Smith
  • The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Judo Champion

    Rhadi Ferguson, PhD.
  • Fall With Me

    Jayne Frost
  • Accurate Thinking

    Rhadi Ferguson, PhD.
  • Homecoming

    Keegan Kennedy
  • The Ultimate Judo Success Secret

    Rhadi Ferguson, PhD.
  • Look, Lust, Lay, and Lose

    David O. Awe
  • Lucifer's Haven (Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens Book 3)

    Audrey Brice
  • The 6 Keys to Unlock Your Athletic Success

    Rhadi Ferguson, PhD.
  • Enhance or Destroy Your Athletic Career

    Rhadi Ferguson, PhD.
  • The Carry: A Life and Death Struggle on a Mountain

    Robertson C. Miller
  • Temple Apophis (Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens Book 2)

    Audrey Brice
  • The Caves of Santa Cruz Island

    Robertson C. Miller
  • A Rising Damp (Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens Book 1)

    Audrey Brice
  • The Art of Mindfulness

    Tyler Hughes
  • Top 60 Motivational, Life, and Business Lessons from Anthony Robbins

    M. Robbins James
  • Empty Net: A Scoring Chances Novel

    Avon Gale
  • A Room for the Night

    R.L. McCallum
  • Toss Those Resolutions

    Bob Wilson
  • The Power of Words

    Rev. J. Martin
  • Power Play: A Scoring Chances Novel

    Avon Gale
  • Myths About Ayn Rand: Popular Errors and the Insights They Conceal

    The Atlas Society
  • Seneca - On the Shortness of Life: Adapted for the Contemporary Reader

    Lucius Seneca, James Harris
  • Save of the Game: A Scoring Chances Novel

    Avon Gale
  • Breakaway: A Scoring Chances Novel

    Avon Gale
  • Platform for Wealth

    Paul J. Carroll CFP
  • The Republican Party's Civil War: Will Freedom Win?

    Edward Hudgins, Editor
  • The Moral Revolution in Atlas Shrugged

    Nathaniel Branden
  • Retirement Planning: An Effortless Retirement Planning and Investment Basics Guide for Beginners

    K. Elizabeth
  • A Forced Silence

    Cate Ashwood
  • Entrepreneur: A Beginners Guide to Entrepreneurship 4 Book Collection

    Brad Jones
  • The Best Work of the Best Minds: Business Ethics and Value Creation

    Stephen Hicks
  • Cold Fire

    Keegan Kennedy
  • You're The Problem: 30 Real Life Solutions to Stop Destructive Actions and Get Out of Your Own Way

    Brad Jones
  • Business Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Innovative Business Ideas

    Brad Jones
  • Social Media: The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Your Brand with Social Media

    Brad Jones
  • The Jain Path: An Annotated Guide

    Andrea Diem-Lane
  • Goal Setting: The 10 Step Method To Becoming An Unstoppable Goal Achiever

    Brad Jones
  • Your Poisoned Plate: Why You Are Sick, Fat and Tired

    Dr. Allan P. Frank
  • The Power of Letting Go

    Rev. J. Martin
  • Emotional Intelligence and The Subconscious Mind

    Robert Daudish
  • The Guru Question: A Seasoned Reflection

    David Christopher Lane
  • Unveiling the Real Story: The Black Dahlia Murder Case

    J.D. Rockefeller
  • A Guidance to Mental Training: Learn How to Develop Mental Resilience

    Patricia A. Carlisle