"In a world where so many accept good enough as being 'good enough' it is hard to find persons, companies and partners who live by a code of excellence. As a former Olympic competitor and world class coach, I often get frustrated when people do not chase after excellence like I do. I was overjoyed to have the path of my digital and internet life cross and intersect with a voice over and audio acting professional like Scott Smith. I am not only pleased with his work but he has actually inspired me to write more so that I can send him more material. His professionalism, timeliness and appropriate questioning to get things right is not only welcoming but refreshing. I really don't want to write this testimonial because I'd rather keep him for myself but I know that this world is better off when MORE information is accessible to more people and Scott is a necessary and purposeful cog in that information production machine. If you have the honor, pleasure and opportunity to work with Scott, you should jump on it. His schedule is tight but it is worth the wait."

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

2004 Olympian

4-Time National Judo Champion



The Last Machine in the Solar System by Matthew Issac Sobin

"A short but delightful journey"

I'm a huge fan of the printed book, so I jumped at the opportunity to grab the audiobook for a recent one-hour-and-change commute. I'm so glad I did! This is very engaging, reminiscent of vintage one-man radio dramas. Definitely worth your while if you're a sci-fi junky like me.

-Tal M. Klein, author of The Punch Escrow

A Rising Damp by Audrey Brice

The narrator has a excellent and clear voice for all the parts of the reading, not to high pitch, not to quiet where you have to raise the volume to uncomfortable levels. The story itself was very nice. You can clearly envision what the writer was writing. It has a feel similar to Mercedies Lackey's Diana Tregarde trilogy, like there is a supernatural world unseen but it is there in darkness and you just stumbled into it... I really hope to see more of the author's writings on Audible

Temple Apophis by Audrey Brice

The reader is excellent, wonder why he doesn't have more books. The story content is good, a nice little twist on traditional stories, not going to ruin anything for you... grab this book.

Power Play by Avon Gale - Dreamspinner Press

There was also something about this narration that really hit the perfect tone when it came to both Misha and Isaac Drake’s pasts. Hearing it read to me, having these characters come to life so fully, really dragged every last bit of emotion out of those scenes. And on the flipside, Max just brought a sense of joy to these books that made all the darker parts easier to hear. I won’t say these things didn’t happen in the ebook, but it was more intense here in the audio. The story really came alive and I loved it.

I highly recommend this, as well as the other audio books from this series. And I’m looking forward to the coming audio for Empty Net as well.

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Book series by The Atlas Society

“… I’ve heard enough to say I like it. He does me proud. I like his voice and tone, which convey real interest in the material, as if he had written it himself; and his articulation, modulation, and phrasing make the sometimes complex grammar of the written text easy to follow by ear.”

-          David Kelley, author (Unrugged Individualism)

“Thank you Scott. You have a remarkable talent and we're really delighted with the results.”

-          Sherrie G., The Atlas Society

A Forced Silence by Cate Ashwood - Dreamspinner Press

"Scott R. Smith does an excellent job with the narration. There are many characters in this story both male and female. Smith never leaves you guessing who is speaking. He has great inflection and animation in his story telling."

Reviewed by Mollien from Alpha Book Club

Breakaway by Avon Gale - Dreamspinner Press

“Let me start by saying that I already LOVED Lane from reading the kindle version of this book. I could not imagine loving him more. I was so wrong. Scott R Smith did such a wonderful job on this. He gets all of the stars for bringing Lane to life. I will be looking for more books narrated by Scott in the future.”

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Breakaway by Avon Gale - Dreamspinner Press

“I love this series. So I was a little worried about how the audio would go. Lane is an original one in a million and Jared is the marshmallow core surrounded by steel…so whoever narrated I was hoping would really bring the characters to life.

Scott R. Smith certainly entertains while keeping true to the quirks and idiosyncrasies of each character. I thought he perfectly captured Jared’s voice, the way I pictured Lane’s speech pattern in my head, and did a great job overall with all of the different character voices in the story.

I was also particularly pleased he brought heat and passion to the sex scenes in the story, and highlighted much of the humor with terrific uses of inflection and tone.

The only issue I can see with the narration is that Smith spoke a little fast at times, but it honestly didn’t bother me. I mean, I would much rather have that than weird pausing and speaking so slowly the listener has to speed up the audio.

So, all in all, the narration for this was quite entertaining, fit the story, and I think Avon Gale ultimately chose well. I’m really looking forward to listening to the other stories in the series with Smith at the helm.”

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Breakaway by Avon Gale - Dreamspinner Press

The chemistry between Jared and Lane is great and Smith does a wonderful job of conveying it, so good in fact, that I had to stop listening a time or three because I was afraid that someone would question my flushed face. I thoroughly enjoyed the way that Smith brings Lane, Jared, and Zoe to life. He does such a good job with Lane’s character that I could feel Lane’s confusion when he didn’t understand what he did wrong, how he made someone mad, or hurt their feelings, and his frustration when he couldn’t figure out what to do or say to fix it. In the same way, I was right there with Jared and Zoe when they had their “WHAT???” moments after Lane would say off-the-wall things. I had a blast falling in love with Jared as he fell in love with Lane because it was clear that the things about Lane that frustrated Jared, were the very things that he loved Lane for. Gale created some great characters in Breakaway and Scott R. Smith’s narration has me ready to dive into Save of the Game right now.

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Breakaway by Avon Gale - Dreamspinner Press

Anyone that knows me is well aware of my borderline fanatical love for Avon Gale's Scoring Chances series. They also know my love and devotion to all things Lane Courtnall.  I loved Breakaway when I read it, as evidenced by my review HERE After listening to new-to-me narrator, Scott R. Smith,  I'm here to tell you that my love for all things Breakaway has grown a thousand fold. I absolutely adored everything about Smith's narration of this book. Lane's voice was so spot on it was almost eerie. And can I just say listening to him as Jared, with that raspy, deep and growly voice is nothing but pure pleasure. I liked Jared a lot while reading the book, but listening to him with Lane pretty much skyrocketed that to full on love. I found the voices of Jared, Lane, Zoe, Coach Spencer and all the rest to be very authentic and very true to their characters. The intonations Smith uses for humor or frustration and especially when Jared and Lane are being intimate (not just during sexy time) to really add to the overall story. Lane's quirkiness and Jared's gruffness all shine through and made listening to Breakaway an absolute delight. Scott R. Smith has a very impressive range, his voice is so pleasant and downright sexy at times, and I laughed out loud more than a few times. All in all the narration just added another reason to love this book and this series and I can't wait to see what Smith does with Ethan and Riley in the next book!

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Breakaway by Avon Gale - Dreamspinner Press

I don’t get many books on audio, but I must admit that I am clamoring to get this entire series. Scott R. Smith does a fantastic job of bringing out both unique and easily identifiable characters in not only Jared and Lane, but for all the secondary characters as well (and boy did the few instances of Riley and Ethan really get me excited to listen to Save of the Game). Lane sounded like Lane. In every way. And Jared…all growly and just damn perfect. I was absolutely thrilled to have them talking in my ear.

One of the marks of a great narrator for me is the ability to simply fade into the background and let the story take on a life of its own. Here Smith so completely catches the essences of the characters that it’d be hard for me to ever not hear them speaking in his voice when I go back to reread the ebook.

I am thrilled that I can once again recommend this book to you. It was a joy to listen to, and no matter how many rereads I go thru I will never not love to hear the story of Lane and Jared. This is just one more way to make that possible.

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Breakaway by Avon Gale - Dreamspinner Press

I had read and loved this book prior to listening to the audio version. There is always a risk listening to a book that you love that the narration will diminish your affection for the story. This risk increases with a narrator not previously known to you. So it was with a small amount of trepidation that I began listening to Breakaway. I needn’t have worried, Scott R.Smith nailed it. I was worried that he wouldn’t be able to capture the very essence of Lane Courtnall, which is characterised by his verbal diarrhoea and his ability to take conversations off on strange tangents. Scott R.Smith really succeeded in bringing Lane to life. He gave each character in the story a very distinct voice, they were all easily recognisable and I find that to be so important when listening to an audio book. He also accomplished the brilliant feat of bringing age to the different voices. Lane is a young 20 year old and Jared is in his thirties and he managed to convey this with ease especially in their many two handed conversations. The other thing he captured well was the southern drawl, especially of Lane’s best friend Zoe. Accents done poorly is a pet peeve of mine, but no worries here. Overall the narrator added a new dimension and enjoyment to this book and has narrated the next in the series. I cannot wait to listen to it.  

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Breakaway by Avon Gale - Dreamspinner Press

Scott R. Smith as narrator is better than most. While I am not sure about all of the choices made for character voices here—Lane as big dumb jock is a bit overdone, but it is not totally out of character—the rest of the ins and outs of the semi-pro hockey world come to life in his capable hands. There is always something new to add to a story with narration, and Smith handles it well.

This is a planned series of audiobooks, and hopefully Smith will continue with it. His voice quality gives the book a depth that not everyone can carry off well over a range of characters and ages. Buy this book if you like sports romance. Buy the book if like the author, and buy the book for the really well done narration. Here’s hoping it continues across the books to follow.

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Save of the Game by Avon Gale - Dreamspinner Press

I’ve made no bones that Riley Hunter is one of my favorite characters in the Scoring Chances series, and that he and Ethan Kennedy are one of my favorite couples, so I had high expectation of Scott R. Smith’s narration and I feel like every expectation was met.

Smith performs really well, with great character voices, good pacing, timing and delivery.

I expected him to really bring to life the humor, romance, and passion, and I feel like he delivered on all counts. I’ll definitely be slipping this audio into my auto re-listen rotation!

If you’re looking for a great romance with a fantastic friendship, low angst and hot sex, and great narration you should definitely pick this up!

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Save of the Game by Avon Gale - Dreamspinner Press

"awesome book awesome narrator"

I am totally in love with this series I have bought all three installments and love it. I like the relationship in the hockey thing as I have my hockey fan myself so I highly recommend this series.

Amazon customer