“In a world where so many accept good enough as being ‘good enough’ it is hard to find persons, companies and partners who live by a code of excellence. As a former Olympic competitor and world class coach, I often get frustrated when people do not chase after excellence like I do. I was overjoyed to have the path of my digital and internet life cross and intersect with a voice over and audio acting professional like Scott Smith. I am not only pleased with his work but he has actually inspired me to write more so that I can send him more material. His professionalism, timeliness and appropriate questioning to get things right is not only welcoming but refreshing. I really don’t want to write this testimonial because I’d rather keep him for myself but I know that this world is better off when MORE information is accessible to more people and Scott is a necessary and purposeful cog in that information production machine. If you have the honor, pleasure and opportunity to work with Scott, you should jump on it. His schedule is tight but it is worth the wait.”

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

2004 Olympian

4-Time National Judo Champion



The Last Machine in the Solar System by Matthew Issac Sobin

“A short but delightful journey”

I’m a huge fan of the printed book, so I jumped at the opportunity to grab the audiobook for a recent one-hour-and-change commute. I’m so glad I did! This is very engaging, reminiscent of vintage one-man radio dramas. Definitely worth your while if you’re a sci-fi junky like me.

-Tal M. Klein, author of The Punch Escrow

A Rising Damp by Audrey Brice

The narrator has a excellent and clear voice for all the parts of the reading, not to high pitch, not to quiet where you have to raise the volume to uncomfortable levels. The story itself was very nice. You can clearly envision what the writer was writing. It has a feel similar to Mercedies Lackey’s Diana Tregarde trilogy, like there is a supernatural world unseen but it is there in darkness and you just stumbled into it… I really hope to see more of the author’s writings on Audible

Temple Apophis by Audrey Brice

The reader is excellent, wonder why he doesn’t have more books. The story content is good, a nice little twist on traditional stories, not going to ruin anything for you… grab this book.

Power Play by Avon Gale – Dreamspinner Press

There was also something about this narration that really hit the perfect tone when it came to both Misha and Isaac Drake’s pasts. Hearing it read to me, having these characters come to life so fully, really dragged every last bit of emotion out of those scenes. And on the flipside, Max just brought a sense of joy to these books that made all the darker parts easier to hear. I won’t say these things didn’t happen in the ebook, but it was more intense here in the audio. The story really came alive and I loved it.

I highly recommend this, as well as the other audio books from this series. And I’m looking forward to the coming audio for Empty Net as well.

Book series by The Atlas Society

“… I’ve heard enough to say I like it. He does me proud. I like his voice and tone, which convey real interest in the material, as if he had written it himself; and his articulation, modulation, and phrasing make the sometimes complex grammar of the written text easy to follow by ear.”

–          David Kelley, author (Unrugged Individualism)

“Thank you Scott. You have a remarkable talent and we’re really delighted with the results.”

–          Sherrie G., The Atlas Society

A Forced Silence by Cate Ashwood – Dreamspinner Press

“Scott R. Smith does an excellent job with the narration. There are many characters in this story both male and female. Smith never leaves you guessing who is speaking. He has great inflection and animation in his story telling.”

Reviewed by Mollien from Alpha Book Club